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85% of women use skin products daily — but what actually works, and what’s just marketing?

Her Own Brand

Zoe DeRoy - LiPremium

The millionaire heiress is entering the business world for herself with her own lipstick brand!

Folk rock band Los picolos Guitaros celebrates their comeback!

We have a new DAYANA QUIZ for you!

Can you answer these challenging questions from our editor, Anne? Only true fans will get full points!! Try it now and unlock new, exclusive content!

Paris Marriott dyes her hair pink!

Doppel-Lippe is better than ever!


New Album

The talented, but internationally overlooked, Bonita Williams has released a new album. Since she isn’t currently signed anywhere, you can listen to her first single HERE for free!

In an exclusive “Stars and Secrets” interview, the Cubaidan singer revealed that the song describes her dramatic love story with her current partner. In an earlier version of the song, the mysterious man who sings the first verse was actually another woman – the same woman who Bonita sings about in the chorus. However, she told our reporter that she didn’t want to talk about “that b*tch” anymore.

User survey – nail polish

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Use brands that have won awards
Pay attention to the sustainability of the packaging
The average number of colors you have at home
The average dollars you spend on nail polish per month
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Listen exclusively here to the new hit single “Tres mas” from her new album “Bad Things and Thoughts.”

Is your hair falling out? Here are 7 surefire tips to stick it back on!

THIS lipstick is guaranteed to never come off - why stars are getting their lips tattooed!

These hairstyles are all the rage this winter. Our big hair trend slideshow!

The best spices for your holiday treats.



Learn how Jenna made it to the Washington Herald Post bestseller list with her book “Courage.”

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